Would You Install a Hack on Your Phone?

I was looking up something the other day and I realized that there are a lot of places where you can download an Agar.io hack. I used to play the game, but I got discouraged, because I thought I was doing pretty well and I would have a lot of people finish ahead of me. I am not some guy who has to win at any cost, but I do want to do well within the limits of morality and stuff like that. I was looking at this stuff and I got to wondering how many of the thousands of people on the game server are playing with this cheat installed on their smart phone. Of course I would probably never do it for a number of reasons. First I do not want to have what I did not earn, it would make me feel bad if I won through cheating and it runs against what I was taught my Mom and Dad when I was growing up. Also I am extremely paranoid about what I install on my smart phone. I am not one of those people who is obsessed with Apple iPhones or that Samsung phone. Usually the other fanboys are attached to the Android operating system because it is Open Source. I do not care about that sort of static. I just have to have my smart phone because it is a business tool. In fact the guys at headquarters decide what phone all of us at the company use. Usually they make a good enough choice, but this time they got us really sweet Nokia phones and they work really well. Since the phone belongs to the company I am certainly not going to be doing something like that on it. I would feel like a fool if I had to take it to IT.

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