Working on a Fun Side Project

I have just gotten started working on a little project for a friend of mine.I do not think it is going to be worth all that much, but she wants me to port an old game to her cell phone, which runs on the Android OS. I started out by brushing up on my coding for Android. It is not something which I do very much in fact, but I did learn how it was done. I went to this site and downloaded some of the code on there, then I played around with it until I made myself familiar with the code. In fact I play that game when I need some way to kill some time and that is how I knew about the cheats for it. Of course I do not use them myself, because that would make it boring in my personal opinion. You play the game because it is fun and winning by cheating does not make the game more fun that losing honestly. To me it seems like that just defeats the whole purpose. At any rate I have just gotten started working on the actual project and it has been a lot of fun for me so far. That certainly is not to say that it has been easy or without a lot of difficulty. It is a huge pain in fact, but I really like the challenge of doing something that I have not ever tried to do before. It looks as though it can be done, but it is a real question as to whether or not I can budget the time that it would require to do it. I obviously have a lot of other things on my plate, most importantly the work that the boss pays me to do. That has to come first.

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