What Are The Best Games For Girls?

girl-gamesWhen it comes to being a gamer most males will not admit it but they have it easy. This is because when people talk about gaming or gamers they always think about boys or instantly picture a male. Unless you are a girl or know a girl who plays video games it is very unlikely for you to even entertain the idea that a girl could be a gamer.
Why is it that just because you are a girl it means you cannot play video games? Even worse why is it that a lot of boys think that just because you are a girl it means you cannot possibly be good at video games? The truth is that there are a lot of girl games out there. Picture a game that was about designing the perfect nails. Do you really think that a boy is going to be better ay playing a game about designing nails than a boy?play now girl games online
CoolGamesOnline.com is a website that takes pride in offering girl games as well as general mini games. In fact they care a whole category dedicated to their girl games! Naturally, just because you are a girl it does not mean that you have to play games in that category. For example, most girls enjoy Candy Crush even though it is not necessarily in the girl’s category. The point is that MiniGamesOnline.org has made a huge effort to make sure they have video games that appeal to a female audience as well as a male audience.
Whether you enjoy finding games, girly games, puzzle games, brain teasers, sports, or racing games there is a little something for everyone on this website. Just because you are a girl it does not mean you can’t enjoy the mini games on this website. Some of the best games for girls offered on this website include:

  • The Shoe Quiz
  • Nail Design
  • Hello Kitty Skiing
  • Love Test
  • Office Lover Kiss

The next time your brother, husband, or father tells you that you cannot be good at video games because you are a girl. Open up your web browser and pull up the Shoe Quiz or Nail Design on CoolGamesOnline.com. Then, you can ask your brother, husband, or father if they really want to see which one of you are better at playing the games in the girls section of this website. Chances are pretty good you are going to be able to wipe the floor with them playing any of these girl games

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