Is It Legal to Sell Something Like This?

I was out on the web wandering around with no particular purpose, other than to kill time while I waited for an appointment. That was when I learned that someone was trying to sell me a Paypal money hack which they claimed could generate a thousand dollars for free. Of course I immediately wondered how that could be legal and it obviously would not be if you used it. However it seems pretty clear that it would not be legal to sell it if you knew that people were going to use it to commit a crime, or at least that is how it seems to me. I am not a lawyer and I tried to figure out how you could sell something which you are advertising as a tool for stealing from Paypal. I assume that that Paypal is willing and able to deal with the thing at any rate. Even if you used it and got the money from them, the evidence is going to remain behind. So eventually you are going to get caught and you are not going to profit from it.

In fact Paypal is going to make you give the money back and then you are going to have to hope that they do not file charges. Of course these sorts of entities like to use their lawyers to send a message that people should not mess with them. I certainly have no intention of doing anything to test that theory, but I do wonder if this thing worked like they claimed that it does. If it did then I suspect that you would keep it quiet and use it for your own benefit. Of course there is another question as to whether or not there is some malicious code hidden in the app.

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