Fun Games That Kept Her Mentally Alert

My daughter has been really sick for a couple of years. She was always able to go to school with the exception of a few short hospital stays. We knew that unless she was able to get a transplant though, that her good days were dwindling down. She started missing more school, and she was getting very down about it. I went online to find something for her to do with all her spare time, and that is when I found the Ninja Go flash games. My daughter loves everything about ninjas, and I was really surprised that she didn’t know about this site before I did.

She caught her father and I watching a ninja movie that first aired when we were not much older than she was, and she was simply enthralled with it. She has dressed up as a ninja for Halloween for the last two years, and she has watched every ninja movie that we have been able to find. I knew that when I showed her the ninja games that I had found, she was going to be pretty excited about them. I wasn’t wrong about that, and I was so happy that she had something else to keep her mind occupied.

These games ended up becoming something much more important than a time killer. As her body got weaker, she grew more tired and did not want to do a lot. Playing her Ninja Go games was something she always wanted to do, and I believe that it kept her mentally aware more than anything else could have at that time. When we found out that she was getting the transplant, we were thrilled because it was giving her a second chance at life. She is healthy again now, and she still loves playing her games too.

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