Catching a Teen Doing Something Wrong

My son started acting weird one day and would stay in his room for a long time. I thought he was going through a teenage phase at first, but after a while I became more suspicious. I asked him about his behavior, but he said nothing was going on. I knew he wouldn’t tell me directly, because when I was his age, I wanted to hide things from my parents too. I looked at some Mspy reviews after getting a recommendation from a friend, and installed the software on his computer to monitor his actions.

I saw that my son was getting messages from two people online, telling him to meet them at a certain location after school. I decided to take off from work one day and park near this location to see what he was doing. I had a pair of binoculars with me so I wouldn’t have to get too close and risk being caught by someone. What I saw shocked me, because I didn’t expect it from my son. He was smoking a cigarette with some of the other students from the school. In order to hide the smoke smell, they used a portable vacuum cleaner to suck up the cigarette smoke. They also used mouth wash to wash the smell from their mouths.

I drove home and waited for my son to get there. When he arrived, I confronted him, telling him that I knew exactly where he was that afternoon. He tried to get mad about it, saying that I was spying on him, but he had no reason to get angry. He was doing something that he shouldn’t have been doing, and lying about it too. I told him he couldn’t hang out with those kids anymore, and if I ever caught him doing it or smoking again, I would give him the punishment of a lifetime.

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